Candles ... which fragrance to choose for each room

Posted by Hannah Faulkner on

We all love candles.  They come in all shapes, sizes and fragrances.  Here's a brief guide to choosing the right one for your home.


Choose a fresh fruity or citrus fragrance in the kitchen.  Something bright and fresh that will eliminate cooking scents.  For afresh summery scent try Mixology Blueberry Gin.


For a romantic feel choose a floral scent like ylang ylang or jasmine.  We recommend LUNA ylang ylang & amber which comes in a gorgeous rose gold votive.

Living Room

Choose a soft agreeable fragrance.  Soothe with sandalwood or cedar wood.  Try Black Fig & Vanilla in our Night Flower range. Its fruity, woody aroma with notes of soft sweet fig  rest on a base of cedarwood, amber and a hint of warm vanilla beans perfect for a room to entertain in.


Choose fresh clean fragrances.  Ocean based or clean linen fragrances will help cover unpleasant odours and make your bathroom smell clean and fresh.  Try White Linen & Cotton in our Day Flower range.

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